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What is FoodLab Sydney?

We are a community of people working to make our city a better place to live and eat.

Drawing on the experience of our partner FoodLab Detroit we are all about providing training and support for local residents who want to start careers and small businesses in food.

By supplying the tools for change, collectively we can can help others realise their great idea for a future in food and in doing so help the local community.

Foodlab community

FoodLab Sydney is a growing family of good food entrepreneurs, 
other businesses and organisations who share our values and who want to 
support a more vibrant, local food economy in Sydney.

Becoming part of our network

FoodLab Sydney members are specialty food makers, processors, retailers, and distributors who are actively running or in the process of starting a business, and who share a long-term vision for a more healthy, fair, and green food economy in our region.

Through our work, we make connections, build relationships, measure our success and create opportunity.


Got skills and knowledge gained in your own food enterprise? Help someone starting out. Share your business know-how and the highs and lows of your story with our program participants as a mentor or an instructor.

Or just open the doors of your business to let us see how it’s done.

How can I support FoodLab?

Your donation will help us to research and apply the best models of training and carry out rigorous evaluation of the program to ensure continuous improvement.  It will also fund qualified experts to deliver our student-centred curriculum to FoodLab Sydney participants.


Find out how we are measuring the impact of FoodLab Sydney in our communities and on our greater food system.