Aussie Artisan Week 2020

August 21 2020

As part of Aussie Artisan Week, launched by our good friends at Pepe Saya, we’re delighted to celebrate and showcase three of our local artisans in the FoodLab Sydney community. We take love investing in food entrepreneurs that contribute to our local economy, help support local farmers, taste delicious, and care for the environment in the process. Let’s introduce you to a few!

Introducing Margaret (Cohort 4), founder of Bottomfeeder: artisan food made from food offcuts and the bits that are often overlooked and under-eaten, from zero-waste condiments to ferments that help fight food waste.

Growing up in a Hungarian-Filipino migrant family, Margaret was never allowed to throw any food away – which is where the inspiration for Bottomfeeder comes from.

Say hello to Zona (Cohort 3), Sydney’s tropical exotic produce and durian specialist, of The Thorny Fruit Company. Thorny Fruit Company is all about educating and connecting Sydney households to exotic and tropical produce.

The Durian – the stinky, infamous thorny fruit – was the original inspiration for Zona’s business, before expanding into more exotic fruits like the pomelo, rambutan, mangosteen and cempedak and Asian vegetables like the yam bean, winged angle beans (kacang botol) and stink beans (petai). Follow on Instagram or explore her exotic, specialty goods on her website.

A big welcome to Dilectio Gourmet, breaking boundaries with their gourmet plant-based cheese. Mark (one half of Dilectio duo Mark and Marie) took part in FoodLab Sydney’s inaugural class in 2019. “Sharing the same passion to break the boundaries of what is possible in plant based dining and our common values based on compassion, curiosity and never ending innovation, we then created Dilectio – Latin for delight, pleasure, goodwill and love.”

Feeling hungry now? If you would like to learn more about our amazing network of food entrepreneurs, be sure to follow us on instagram.