Alumni Stories with Christina Wu

Written by Abhati Tarkunde, May 7 2021

Christina took this dish to her balcony during the afternoon after learning about the ‘golden hour’.

As the sunlight fell on the plate, it brought out the brightness of the crab shell, beautifully contrasting the green hues of the spring onions and coriander. She was overjoyed with the stunning shot she had captured!

We love celebrating good food, and we’re particularly excited when it is prepared by members of our very own community. This scrumptious Singaporean Chili Crab with Fried Mantou was cooked and photographed by our alumna Christina Wu of Cohort 5. 

About the Chef

Christina Wu began cooking for herself at the tender age of 10. She would often whip up some breakfast or afternoon snacks when her parents weren’t home.

Now, she is a qualified chef of Modern Asian cuisines, exploring different foods and teaching students her recipes.

The cuisine closest to her heart has always been Shanghainese food, with soy braised pork belly and spring onion pancakes being her favourite dishes to make.

About the Dish

Christina first tasted Singaporean Chili Crabs at Jumbo Seafood, a prominent seafood chain in Singapore. She was compelled to replicate this dish back home in Sydney, as she does with most foods she falls in love with during her travels. 

She used many different recipes, went through several trials and errors, to finally achieve the perfect dish. The crab is cooked in fish sauce, tomato sauce, fish stock, and soy sauce.

She adds heaps of fresh ingredients, such as fresh red chili, ginger, onions and spring onions. The dish has a deep, complex flavour. It’s savoury, full of umami, a little heaty with a touch of sweetness.

“It’s hard to describe but the underlying flavour is- delicious!” 

christina Wu

Christina Wu at FoodLab Sydney Cohort 5’s demo day

Christina’s journey with Foodlab

Christina joined FoodLab Sydney at the start of 2021 as a corporate lawyer. But food makes her heart sing, “Food is one of the main ways that I show and share love”, she says.

“Food is also my gateway into learning about different cultures. I am always surprised by how people use local ingredients to maximise flavours and extend and stretch the resources regardless of whether food is in abundance or in scarcity.”

Christina Wu

She says that FoodLab Sydney has impacted her relationship with food, professionally, by teaching her the importance of social media in the food industry.

Christina is embarking on a new journey of sharing Shanghainese food with Sydney through her dishes and cooking classes, and currently shares her creations on her Instagram.

“Food is very visual, we eat with our eyes first.”

Christina Wu

Are you also interested in starting your own food business? Or are you interested in sharing your cuisine with Sydney? We are now opening applications for the next FoodLab Sydney program, we would love you to join our community.